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Instructions from the U.S. Government Copyright Office are found at Please review these instructions to properly register the copyright.

1. Use Copyright Form TX for registration of published or unpublished nondramatic literary works, excluding periodicals or serial issues. This class includes a wide variety of works: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, textbooks, reference works, directories, catalogs, advertising copy, compilations of information, and computer programs. For periodicals and serials, use Form SE.

2. For Computer Software and Computer Programs, use Copyright Form TX but BEWARE that you should assert a claim of trade secret in the code. You should use the services of an I.P. law firm to make this trade secret submission. See Copyright Circular for “Copyright Registration for Computer Programs” at See also Copyright Circular “Copyright Registration for Online Works” at .

3. Use Copyright Form VA for: “pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works,” which include two-dimensional and three dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art such as advertisements and product catalogs.

4. Other Copyright Forms are used for Performing Arts (Form PA), for Serial or Periodical Registrations (Form SE), Sound Recordings (From SR), and integrated circuits and semiconductor products or Mask Works (Form MW). Please refer to the U.S. Government Copyright Office website at

5. The U.S. Copyright Office has several “Circulars” at which describe registration procedures and what is and is not copyrightable subject matter. We find the following Circulars to be of particular interest:

a. Copyright Basics at
b. Copyright Notice at
c. Work-Made-For-Hire Under the 1976 Copyright Act at

d. Ideas, Methods, or Systems (not copyrightable) at

e. Copyright Registration for Online Works at discusses registration of websites, computer programs and data bases.

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